House of Trim is a boutique post production facility in Brooklyn, NY.

We are a collective of talented editors, motion graphics artists and colorists who specialize in commercial campaigns, documentaries and branded content.

July 2023

So happy that this spot resonated with so many people. Congrats to Patagonia and thanks to BPI for collaborating with us on this.

You Scare Them won multiple awards including PR Week Purpose Awards for Best Proof of Authenticity, was an Anthem Award Winner and shortlisted by @TheOneClub’s The One Show awards!

June 2022

Planned Parenthood’s Roo High School won three awards at the Shorty Social Good Awards in the Education, YouTube, and Influencer & Celebrity categories.

January 2019

After five years, we reconnect with Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte on their way to the Grand Chalet of the late artist Balthus. The pair seeks to capture the essence of his atelier in a candle and immortalize his drawings in a new printing of his first published work, Mitsou.

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