House of Trim is a boutique post production facility located in the heart of NYC.

We are a collective of talented editors, motion graphics artists and color graders who specialize in feature films, commercial campaigns, documentaries and branded content.

January 2019

After five years, we reconnect with Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte on their way to the Grand Chalet of the late artist Balthus. The pair seeks to capture the essence of his atelier in a candle and immortalize his drawings in a new printing of his first published work, Mitsou.

Check out the video and some bonus material featured on


April 2018

Marcelo dedicates his life helping migrants on Mexican freight trains, as they search for a better life.

Directed By Andrea Salvadore and Andrea Fumagalli and produced by Rai Cinema, Amigos del Tren is currently making rounds on the festival circuit.

We were proud to grade it here at House of Trim.

December 2017

Our partners at Nørth Sea Air took to Islay, Scotland and put the fall’s best styles into action for EsquireSee how it all came together in their editorial: